InvestInCreta, Real-Estate & Consulting is a development / brokerage company based in  Heraklion, Crete. At the same time the company is collaborating with major development and brokerage companies, with vast experience in Greece and abroad.

Our executives are professionals / scientists and are able to provide responsible and accurate information’s, regarding real estate (hotels and therapeutic tourism project, villas, cottages, resorts and plans for cottages under development, buildings, land, hotels, large areas for development, etc.), industrial, artisanal and commercial enterprises and their products which are traded.

More specifically, the group is consists of an economist, an engineer / developer, a construction consultant and a computer engineer, with extensive experience in Real-Estate and development plans.

Our office can provide you with complete services for the attainment of your goals, taking the responsibility of your investment for finding the property, the urban research, and receipt of all necessary approvals, issuing financial licenses and authorization for any form of business-investment.

Moreover, it has the ability to provide the necessary legal backing so that all the procedures applied by the Greek legal framework.


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