Big Plot With Olive Trees at Center of Crete

Location Ammoydares , Kalybion, Asterousion
Plot About  350.000 sqm.
Age 30 sqm. 20 yearsrest 40-80 years
Variety – Amount of trees Koroneiki – About 7000
Altitude 200-350m.
Orientation SW-SE
Distance from Heraklion 45 km 
Normal farming tactics Appling the normal cultivation tactics area: tillage with plowing or milling alternatively applies chemical weed control, apply every 2-3 years pruning of trees. Agriculture, applied basic fertilization of the soil 
IRRIGATION About 70% is irrigated. The water comes from the Community or drilling of two wells on the farm. 
INFRASTRUCTURES Underground water storage area of ​​1.5 sqm. And a depth of 5 m (capacity about 7,500 m3), underground storage tank 500 m3, and concrete tanks measuring 5x10x2, 5 m (capacity 120 m3) at the highest point of the piece that irrigates the land with natural flow. Conveyance of water length 6,000 m 
ROAD APPROACH With public long dirt road about 1,5 km from the village. 
PROCESSING FACTORIES In the area there are four modern factories olive processing. The nearest factory is located 500 m from the village and is centrifugal of three phases. 
Annual oil production per olive tree 14 – 18 kilos
Olive oil quality AAA
Future plan Opportunity to buy 200.000 sqm.
Subsidy 40.000 – 50.000€ in system plans to change it for more in the future.
Price 6000 € per 1000 sqm.


Due to micro clime and the quality of the ground the olive oil that produces at this area has the best quality like the other places in Crete but its flavor makes it perfect.



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