Seaside Apartments at Lygaria of Heraklion , Crete


Seaside plots of 330 sqm and 350 sqm

Building of 2 floors of 110 sqm total 220 and penthouses with 70 sqm pergola

Overall built 290 sqm.

Also there is a plot just behind of 350 sqm.

It was built in 1985 and consists of 2 furnished studios of 35 sqm. and one of 45 sqm on each floor. A total of 6 studios on two floors and a penthouse studio 70 sqm.

They can sold separate.


Each studio has a kitchen with all the necessary electrical cookware and bathroom with shower.
It is within the village and has passed two phases of legalization and  can be transferred by the arbitrary law decision before 1986.


IMG_5123 IMG_5130 IMG_8091 IMG_8102 IMG_8106 IMG_8126  Lygaria ElsaStudios

Lygaria 2 spitia


2 responses to “Seaside Apartments at Lygaria of Heraklion , Crete

  1. my name is karlheinz keller. I am living in munich germany. I am very intresting about the seaside apartments at lygaria near heraklion creta. Can you send me more informations by this house. I want to buy.
    Thanks and many regards from munich.
    Karlheinz Keller

    • Dear Karlheinz Kelle,

      I am sending to you, to know if you are still interesting about the property you mentioned. Also we can give you a lot of different ideas if you tell us what you want to buy. We have also sent to your email two replies about your comment you submitted here.

      Best regards ,

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