Villa at Aghia Fotia of South Crete

Villa near at the beach, It has 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen
2 bathrooms on the first floor and one on the ground floor and a small warehouse
It also has a basement that can serve as a cellar around 60sq.m.
It is approximately 120 m house in an area of ​​20 acres


aghia fwtia4 aghia fwtia3 aghia fotia aghia fotia1 aghia fotia2 agia fotia 1 agia fotia 2 agia fotia 3 agia fotia 4 agia fotia 5 agia fotia 6 agia fotia 7 agia fotia 8 agia fotia 9 agia fotia 10 agia fotia 11 agia fotia 12  agia fotia 14  agia fotia 16agia fotia 13

 agia fotia 17

agia fotia 15


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