Cottages at Gavdos of Chania, Crete

Restored stone building consisting of two independent houses: One storey 100sqm. on the ground floor open plan kitchen, bathroom and floor … 2 bedrooms and a ground floor 50sqm. with one bedroom, open plan kitchen, bathroom.
Located in the capital of the island “Kastri Gavdos” in buildable land within the village, 900sqm. ownership title. With legal permission for renovation: Replace roof (with wooden beams, plank lining, Waterproofing Esharoof, Thermal roofmate, and roof of reinforced concrete) and Replacement coatings.
Wooden frames iroko, with opening tampladota batzourofylla and traditional ironwork.
Flooring, tile cotto Veneziano First Quality, and the wooden floor.
On the roof of the ground floor dwelling, a wooden pergola.
The fence on the land is dry stone and there is a water tank 15km. carved in stone.
With a remaining building plot off 250sqm.

Price. 320.000 €

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